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Azure Marketplasce Shopping Bag

There is a new Azure Marketplace SDK to help Software as a Service companies bring their solutions to the Azure Marketplace.

The SDK provides four different components:

C# .NET core SDK (aka Transactable SaaS Client Library)

The supported Azure Marketplace C# SDK in the repository helps facilitate the interaction from .net to the AMP REST endpoint and includes the authentication (a big plus)

Demo Solution (aka Publisher sample web application)

This app simulates a solution that a publisher will be bringing to the AMP.

SaaS Landing Page (aka Customer provisioning sample web application)

The landing page is a critical component of AMP. It is the page that receives the customers to help authenticate them and provide the AMP the go-ahead to start the billing engine.

Data Access Layer (aka Client Data Access library)

The module interacts with a SQL Server database. It has the interface to allow future enhancements (support to no-SQL databases?).

The repository just opened and is accepting PRs.

If you are looking to get your solution into the AMP today, now there are three ways to get a SaaS Solution to the Marketplace:

  • Write directly to the REST endpoint bring your own code.
  • Use the C# .NET core SDK bring your own code.
  • Fork the SaaS Offer SDK repo code here and customize it to your liking.

That last option, the new one is the easiest (IMO), but the choice is yours…

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