AMA Zero 2 Hero Workshop Artifacts

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Last week, my peer David Starr and I delivered a superb workshop titled Mastering Azure Manage Applications. It covered publishing, pricing, architecture, virtual machines, webhooks, ARM templates, and many other aspects of the coolest but harder to master Azure Marketplace Offer.

There are three essential artifacts below produced by the workshop:

  1. Video Recording
  2. Slide Deck
  3. Lab

It took us several weeks to prepare content to cover all the distinct aspects of this type of Azure Marketplace Offer. If you are new to the Azure Marketplace, the recording of the workshop will be the best guide out there to get a software solution into the Azure Marketplace. If you feel the workshop format is not for you, it’s entirely ok to read the documentation.

We both enjoyed delivering this content and we got good insights. v2 anyone?

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